Why Amature Developers Ought to go to Meet Ups

I consider myself an intermediate programmer that loves programming and solving problems so sometime last week I decided to attend a coding meet up that taught web services and it turned out to be very informative and these are the reasons I  recommend it not just for amateur developers but for every developer.

  1. Networking

    This one of the main reasons I recommend it because it gives you the opportunity to meet other developers and you get to ask them questions and gain insight on their day to day jobs as a developer. believe me, they will gladly tell you.

  2. Recommendations

    This could also be a great way  to get your name out and show off your skills because you never know who you might meet, someone might notice you and offer you a job or a recommendation to his company.

  3. It’s Intimidating But In a Good Way

    After the presentation at the meet up, I asked the speaker a question on web services  which he replied but I didn’t understand half of the thing he said because it was too advanced even for me and he touched on topics that I have never heard of but the good thing was that I had a pen and a notepad to write down everything he said.

    Meet ups could be a great way to show your skills and also a great way to know what level of you are in as a programmer and areas you need improvements on ( mine is web services) because programming is also about learning new things every day.

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